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Children’s Medical Center’s Tree Lighting

A towering tree with lights surrounded by children and their parents knows no specific religious occasion. It is a moment of happiness, bonding and appreciation. On Monday, November 30, Children’s Medical Center’s garden was ground zero for such a moment.

While patients and their families surrounded the sky-high tree, other youthful patrons had to stay in their rooms. Doctor’s orders, don’t you know. But they didn’t miss out on the official lighting, thanks to the Children’s Medical Center crew. With one crew member making sure nothing blocked the camera from the carolers and Texas Rangers Derek Holland, KLUV’s Jody Dean and Children’s Health CEO Chris Durovich welcoming Santa, the rest of the TV crew was on target despite the evening’s chill. Speaking of the night’s temps, there were plenty of patio heaters and each chair in the rows around the tree had a white throw for shoulders.

But there really was no need.

The event came off without a hitch with 13-year-old patient Seth Fuller pulling the switch and lighting the major Christmas tree with its multi-colored lights and all the minor league trees lit up in white. For sports-loving Seth it was Christmas coming early. Not only did he get to partner up with Derek on lighting the tree in front of his folks Cheryl Buchanan and Donald Fuller, he also just became a new uncle. 

Then the crowds headed back to the Butterfly Atrium that looked more like Santa’s wannabe party room with Children’s clowns looking like North Pole elves and stacks of Papa John’s pizzas being prepped by Children’s Health’s John McFarland for delivery to munchkins and their families. But the event was just the kickoff of a busy week for the Children’s staffers. They still had the Annual Children’s Holiday Parade to orchestrate the following Saturday in downtown Dallas.

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