The Derek Holland 60 Feet 6 Foundation

(Dallas, TX) (June 10, 2019) Founder Derek Holland announces the addition of Sam Davis as executive director for the 60 Feet 6 Foundation. She is the first person to take an official position with the organization, aside from Holland who also serves as the foundation’s president.


Davis’ experience with the foundation started as a volunteer for the first two years and evolved into a position as a marketing consultant and event planner for the foundation’s annual fundraiser in its third year.


“I underestimated how hard it would be to raise funds as a new foundation. The first couple years were tough. Sam’s understanding of my mission to fight childhood cancer paired with her background in marketing was definitely an asset as we moved into our third year,” says Holland. “She was able to produce on a much higher level, and the result of her efforts was evident as we were able to give a considerable amount more to our beneficiary the past two years.”


Davis is excited to be working with the foundation and has further been inspired by her new role as a mom. “What these families go through is unimaginable. Hearing their stories gives us all a different perspective and brings to light how much we can take for granted. As a new mom, I’m so inspired to do my part to fight pediatric cancer,” says Davis. “Derek’s mission and his influence have created a strong foundation for us. It’s my job to keep increasing our impact year over year, and we can’t do it alone. We have several strong ideas to increase our impact, and we’re so grateful to have all our supporters in this fight with us.”


“I’m grateful to have her on the team. She’s already proven herself through her impact and the motivation she has through her own experiences,” Holland says of Davis. “We’re making some intentional moves to take the foundation to the next level. I’m excited to see the progress we make with her in this position.” Holland and Davis encourage everyone interested in the foundation to stay tuned to the 60 Feet 6 social media channels for announcements on upcoming events and the 2019 fundraiser later this year